Version 1 Sammy has it together, at least enough to move forward, has a plan and is ready to go! He’s got his trusty sidekicks - hopefully people like Garth, Jodie, (Frank? Rufus? I think they’re dead?) and a lifetime of experience on his side to help find Purgatory. Perfectly capable of handling a few side missions like he and Dean did back in the day, plenty of potential for character development and no matter what there’ll be brother angst, and also a successful driver of the plot.

Version 2 Sammy is familiar, we’ve seen him in Mystery Spot and something similar in Soulless!Sam. When he lost Dean he decided nothing mattered more than finding him, and so he shut everyone and everything out, maintaining his own well-being only enough to continue hunting. He doesn’t care, nothing matters - nothing but his goal. He’s cold. He’s empty. Version 2 Sammy is more of a plot device than a main character, and we’ve already explored this particular angst. Sam has changed since Mystery Spot and now is an excellent time to see exactly how. 

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    We were so naive nobody expected they would actually have him do nothing
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    This was pretty much everyones thought process. As of right now, I’m not sure if I’m sad or amused at how wrong this...
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    Wow it’s weird reading this now. It seems Sam has completely surprised us.
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    ^^ THIS That was always Sam’s issue, being too gung-ho when they didn’t have anything. Remember with John? Bela and the...
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    Friendly reminder that Sam DIDN’T FUCKING KNOW that Dean was in Purgatory. Oh he searched for Dean, but he had no leads,...
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